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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Australian fedral police

This image was taken from the back cover of police journal the APJ Vol 64 number 1.

  The words say: "POLICE FAUNA :PLATYPUS (AFP)

From the Earliest days of its establishment in 1979. the Australian Federal police has adopted the platypus as a symbol representing the diverse  requirements placed on its members in the execution of there duties.

A platypus is truly unique and tenacious mammal which survives against increasing pressure from today's environment. It leaves no stone unturned in it's daily pursuits but is capable of passing unnoticed if required. The mammal displays an unfailing dedication to explore all possibilities in an effort to maintain its special place in Australia's environment.

While the Australian coat of arms (featuring the emu and the kangaroo) are prominent on the AFP badge, an AFP platypus logo is often displayed with the words"Nulli Secundus" (Latin for second to none)."platypus" is also the name of the AFP's cooperate publication."

Pity they car'nt stop the distruction of the real platypus and its habitat, there logo is under threat.

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